Saturday, March 13, 2021

He was always a myth: Andrew 'Asshole' Cuomo's days are numbered

It's high time the rest of the country has caught up to where I've been for more than a year. 

Before Andrew Cuomo wrote an executive order in March of last year that sent 15,000 seniors to die of Covid in nursing homes, and before the rest of the country realized that he's a serial sexual harasser of young women,  in January 2020 Cuomo signed a "no cash bail" law that effectively turned New York's criminal justie system into a revolving door.       

Crime has tripled in New York thanks to  Cuomo!

That was enough for me to start calling him as asshole!  This was before his daily press conferences showing faux leadership in how to handel a pandemic.  This was before he published a book touting his leadership during a pandemic.  And before he won an Emmy.   

Andrews Cuomo WAS ALWAYS a myth!  He was a blunt against President Trump courtesy of the corrupt-trained seal mainstream media!       


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  1. None of this changes the fact that they are persuing him for the sexual stuff so as to cover their phony baloney asses as to their complicity in the murders of 1000's of seniors as well as the rising crime rate