Monday, April 19, 2021

Boy, do I miss Rush!

 I'm home working, playing Stevie Nick's 'Stand Back' in the background getting through my day.  Took a break and got on Facebook.  While going through FB page of one of my friends, I came across those photo and I had to hold the tears!  I hope she doesn't mind using her photo. 

This is so rough. 

Boy, do I miss Rush Limbaugh! 

I had stopped listening to Rush weeks before he passed away.  It was my way of getting ready for the inevitable.

 Still I wasn't ready when it happened. 

Rush died a month after my wife.  What was I supposed to do now?   Losing Rush was like losing a member of my family.  I learned so much from him.

Damn it!  I miss him!



  1. You are not the only one brother.

  2. I listened to Rush for thirty plus years enjoyed every minute of it. I started missing him the day he announced the 'verdict' of the stage four thing. (I hate even saying that terrible word). Rush's passing leaves an even wider gulf between him and all the others trying to be America's anchorman. Retrospective gives a much clearer vision of the consument professional artist and the 'B' group. Rush elevated the other talk show hosts simply by being himself, setting the standard three hours at a time. Now the rest are having to stand on their own and they all lack something (or many things) and it shows. I think my local EIB affiliate should play three hours of elevator music in Rush's old time slot, because the fill-in will have about the same effect.