Friday, April 9, 2021

Missing Mike: Bloomberg refuses to cut line at Upper East Side restaurant

I may have had issues with Mike Bloomberg, especially when he got into Nanny-state mode. 

But, he along with Rudy Giuliani were the best mayors New York ever had.  The city was known as the33 safest Big City in the world under their leadership.  Under Bill de Blasijo, NYC is one big cesspool. 

NY Post reports Mike Bloomberg is not like most New Yorkers — he’s perfectly content to wait in a line.

Last week the former mayor of New York was spotted outside Neary’s restaurant on the Upper East Side patiently waiting for a table.

A spy told Page Six that there was a crowd of hungry patrons outside the door trying to get a table when a staff member recognized the business titan and gal pal Diana Taylor and offered them a free pass to cut the line.

“Like a gentleman, he politely refused and asked that the restaurant accommodate the people ahead of him first,” the spy said before adding, “Pure class.”

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  1. He wasn't being classy , he was afraid of being curb stomped by a couple of bull dykes.