Saturday, April 17, 2021

New Yorkers concerned about high crime rate, stop voting for Democrats

For twenty years New York went from an outrageously high crime rate under Democrat mayors Ed Koch and David Dinkins. 

NYC became to be known as the safest Big City in the world thanks to Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg.  For twenty years even though registered Democrats had a 6:1 advantage over Republicans, they kept voting for the GOP knowing that their "Broken Windows" policy of policing helped make the city a safe place to live. 

Then something happened.

Over time the people of New York had forgotten how bad things used to be.  In addition, corrupt-minded black activists,  like Al Sharpton, called broken windows, wait for it, racist.    

Enter in Bill de Blasio and his progressive policies of times before, those practiced by Koch and Dinkins, and in a very short time New York has returned to the "bad old days!"  

I think the answer to all the misery  is pretty simple.

New York city residents need to reject progressive policies that has turned our beloved city into a cesspool. 

Stop voting for Democrats!   


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  1. "Stop voting for Democrats!"
    Never happen! Not when the Dems continue to buy voters.