Friday, January 28, 2022

Those who supported defunding the police Officer Jason Rivera's blood is on your hands!

The atmosphere of disrespecting police started with the defund the police movement.  And I hold them personally responsible for Jason River's murder. 

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  1. The disrespecting of police started well before the defund movement. I suppose for some people the distespect has always been there. For me it seeded nigh 40 yrs ago but blossomed within the last ten years. Last month it flowered when a pair of officers behaved so unprofessionly as they sought to lure me into certain behaviors from which charges could be gotten.

    That is a helluva thing for me to say. I am the most niave guy you'll ever meet. No, seriously. And I do not have a criminal record. My worst infraction of the law has been speeding or a tail light out.

    So how is it that I have had multiple contacts with johnny law? Well, remember I am naive. Quite often it is wrong place/wrong time. Yes, its an actual thing. Then there was when I had to call the police for I had entered into a contract with my Dr and Pharmacist to report if I ever lost control of the pain meds I am on. My druggie kin broke in and stole them. Then there is the fact we live in a police state. Yes, we do. Even I am not that naive to think we do not.

    Here is proof. Compare and contrast today with, say 1990. No, not ad you might remember that time. Actually research it. Read news articles from then. Or, for a deeper contrast, go further back in time.

    Even at first contact, the police typically treat the population as guilty parties. Maybe we are guilty; after all, there is that book, Three Felonies A Day, which purports all are law breakers. While we all may 'know' that in popular culture, there still remains that tenet of jurisprudence and the actual for real U.S. Constitution that we are presumed innocent.

    When naive me is treated as guilty (roughed up, hissed at, contrary simultaneous commands issued at me under threat of imminent bodily injury) I am no longer innocent in thought, no longer happily ensconsed in my private world. That I have been whisked into this brutish reality has created my response of a lack of respect of police. I fear I shall ever more be wary of them instead of perceiving them as allies.