Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Terrorist attack by black man in NYC and the media doesn't want to say it!

The mainstream media is careful not to report the vital details of this story because it doesn't fit their narrative. 

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  1. My home city is in the Los Angeles Metro Area and was split equally White, Mexican-American, Asian-American and had no racism as I grew up in the 60s and 70s. When I graduated HS in 75 my parents showed me the door and I went to find a job to live and pay for college. I graduated from College and later my company moved me and my family to the East Coast.

    I ended up working for the phone company in the field first in the Mexican slums (East LA), which I had no issues with even though I was White. Later I was sent to South Central LA (The Black Slums) and it was much worse. I was on a multiracial crew and we all were attacked. There were drive-bys, shootings, murders, and places the police would not go.

    I have found that although Blacks are only 12% of the US population they do most of the crime and murder, including against their own race. The Media does not report this. As the Blacks have stayed solid Democrats. Now the Media show extra Minorities and LGBT amounts in their Hollywood shows compared to actual US numbers.