Sunday, September 24, 2017

What a Whack Job!: Odell Beckham’s peeing explanation is even weirder than act itself

Odell Beckham is a great talent, but I think the guy has mental issues that eventually will blow up in the Giants when it hits the fan.
  The man is not a steady vessel.  
NY Post reports the ball, and quite possibly the season, fluttered over the head of a helpless Odell Beckham Jr., standing in the end zone on the L of EAGLES, hoping he would get the chance to catch a 61-yard field-goal try that would fall short and take it to the house and win the game as time expired and end the Giants’ misery.

“I was praying, I was praying it was gonna be short,” Beckham said, “I was gonna be able to run it back and we were gonna have that feeling that they had of winning in the last second.”

Dog Day afternoon instead.

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