Tuesday, March 28, 2017

European country imposes ‘social parasite’ tax aka “spongers” or “freeloaders” tax on citizens who do not work

I heard about this story listening to Rush Limbaugh this afternoon and laughed by head off. 
There are many occasions where something that starts in Europe, winds up coming to the United States.  Usually it's a European Liberal idea that eventually reeks havoc on American culture.  However, this piece of news, I think, would be a welcomed import to the United States.
NY Post reports a European nation has hit upon a novel idea to reduce poverty: Fine people for being poor.

Belarus, which lies between Russia and Poland and was formerly part of the Soviet Union, plans to introduce a “social parasites” tax on the unemployed.

Unlike in many Western nations, where the government helps the unemployed, in Belarus, the long-term unemployed will have to pay the government.

The country’s president, Alexander Lukashenko, has said the $233 levy — around a month’s wages in Belarus — will “instill discipline in the work-shy,” according to the BBC.
Some Belarussians have taken to the streets, saying it’s a step too far by Lukashenko, who has ruled Belarus since 1994.

This weekend, around 400 people were arrested in the capital city of Minsk asprotesters tried to hold a forbidden demonstration against the new law.
The government says the protesters were not peaceful and “petrol bombs and arms-laden cars” were found nearby.

First signed into law in 2015, Presidential Decree number 3, more widely known as the “spongers” or “freeloaders” tax, proposed fining people if they had not worked for six months.
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I think Belarus has hit upon something! 

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  1. Not a bad plan. Considering that so many bums here collect welfare and probably 3x that amount from thefts, drug-dealing, and aggressive panhandling; they may as well pay 'their fair share'.