Sunday, March 26, 2017

Freedom Caucus' Jordan: End ObamaCare blaming, ‘Let’s get to work’

I understand there are a lot of moving parts to ObamaCare. 
However, the Freedom Caucus is not the biggest reason why this bill never got to a vote on the floor.  It was Paul Ryan job to acquire 218 votes that he guaranteed.  Ryan guaranteed it, and he was a miserable failure in making it happen.
Fox News reports House Freedom Caucus co-founder Rep. Jim Jordan tried Sunday to end the blame being cast upon his group and others for Republicans’ failed ObamaCare overhaul bill, saying, “Let’s get to work.”
“Instead of doing the blame game, let’s get to work,” Jordan, R-Ohio, said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Let’s do the responsible thing. Let’s get back to work and do what we told the voters we were going to do.”
Much of the blame has been directed at the conservative group and its roughly 35 members, after House Speaker Paul Ryan realized that he didn’t have enough support for the bill in the GOP-led chamber and canceled the final vote Friday.
However, practically everybody in official Washington is being accused of being at fault -- from the caucus for its ideological purity, to Ryan for his inability to get the votes to President Trump for failing to deliver with his vaunted deal-making skills.
Ryan purportedly needed about 20 more votes, mostly from Freedom Caucus members and a handful of GOP House moderates.
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