Saturday, March 25, 2017

NYPD rookies with same last name, assigned to same Bronx stationhouse shocked to learn they’re sisters

Looks like Papa kept secrets!  Still, fate has a funny way of exposing what we keep in the dark.
NY Daily News reports they knew they were sisters in blue — then they found out they were sisters by blood.

Two NYPD rookies assigned to the same Bronx stationhouse used to laugh off the fact that they both have the same last name — then they learned they were half sisters, officials said.

The two learned about the connection after they started talking about family members — and learned they had the same father, Hector Molina.

"When she told me his name — which is the exact same as mine — I stood speechless," Police Officer Jasmine Molina told NBC New York about her half-sister Yadarquiris Molina. "I didn't have anything to say."

The story was first reported by Telemundo.

In January 2014, Yadarquiris, the older sister, was assigned to the Bronx’s 42nd Precinct in Morrisania straight out of the police academy, officials said. At about the same time, Jasmine, who had joined the force in 2012, was transferred to the 42nd Precinct from the nearby 41st Precinct.

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