Saturday, March 25, 2017

Violent clashes break out between Trump supporters and anti-protesters during MAGA march in Southern California

I bet these ant-Trump protestors are financially backed by George Soros. 
It's really a shame that constitutional right to assemble are being  hampered by rude Leftists who can't stand that Donald Trump is president. 
Daily Mail reports a Make America Great Again rally that began with a dove release to symbolize peace turned violent when supporters were doused with pepper spray by anti-Trump protesters in Southern California.

The attack, which led to three arrests, came before the president's tweet thanking people for rallies.
President Trump said on Twitter: 'Thanks you for all of the Trump Rallies today. Amazing support. We will all MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!'

In addition to the scuffle in SoCal, protesters clashed with MAGA marchers in Philadelphia and in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. There were also rallies across the country in places such as Lansing, Boston, and Providence, Rhode Island.
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