Sunday, April 2, 2017

Obama appointed Fed judge laughably rules Trump may have incited violence in 2016 and frivolous lawsuit moves forward

What a joke our justice system has become! 
Clearly, this Obama appointee judge has a ax to grind because Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election.  Unfortunately, Leftists in Congress and the federal courts are stopping at nothing to bring down President Trump for naked political reassess. 
Washington Post reports the courts keep taking Donald Trump both seriously and literally. And the president's word choices are proving to be a real headache.

A federal judge in Kentucky is the latest to take Trump at his word when he says something controversial. Judge David J. Hale ruled against efforts by Trump's attorneys to throw out a lawsuit accusing him of inciting violence against protesters at a March 2016 campaign rally in Louisville.

At the rally, Trump repeatedly said “get 'em out of here” before, according to the protesters, they were shoved and punched by his supporters. Trump's attorneys sought to have the case dismissed on free speech grounds, arguing that he didn't intend for his supporters to use force. But Hale noted that speech inciting violence is not protected by the First Amendment and ruled that there is plenty of evidence that the protesters' injuries were a “direct and proximate result” of Trump's words.

“It is plausible that Trump’s direction to ‘get 'em out of here’ advocated the use of force,” Hale wrote. “It was an order, an instruction, a command.”

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