Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Watergate-sized scandals rocking the Trump and Obama administrations

MichaelGoodwin, columnist for the NY Post has written this excellent piece stating where the so-called fake Russian hacking story stands today.

Just when you thought Washington couldn’t get worse, we’re swamped by sensational headlines and breathless reports about Russia, wiretaps and criminal leaks of classified material.

Throw in a leading congressman’s late-night meeting at the White House, and it all has the feel of a second-rate movie plot. But don’t you dare tune out, because we are witnessing an unprecedented event: two potential Watergate-sized scandals involving two presidents are emerging simultaneously.
Did Donald Trump collude with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton? Did Barack Obama politicize law enforcement and intelligence-gathering to spy on Trump and destroy his presidency?

Those are extraordinary questions, all the more so because the race to answer them is happening on parallel tracks. The usual partisanship has become a winner-take-all war to paint the other side’s president as guilty of un-American conduct.

Scandal No. 1 started with reports that Russian hackers tried to tip the presidential election to Trump. Soon came the added charge that Trump’s team was working with Vladimir Putin, as described in the discredited dossier about Russian hookers.

Clinton insisted often that Trump was guilty of something, and her media handmaidens still fan the smoke in a desperate search for flames. Though there is zero evidence so far, the continuing FBI investigation gives Democrats an opening to make up their own facts, as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi did Friday by suggesting that Russia is blackmailing Trump.

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