Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Susan Rice tacitly admits lying about unmasking on Damage Control Interview with Andrea Mitchell

Isn't it nice Andrea Mitchell, a hack journalist who is nothing but a public relations aide for the Democrat Party comes to Susan Rice's rescue?  This interview is pure propaganda for low information voters who will suck it up whole.  

WND reports at the very least, Susan Rice lied about what she did, what she knew and when she knew it.

That is by her own admission

 The question is, how big a lie was it?

Speaking to MSNBC on Tuesday, Barack Obama’s former national security adviser did not deny unmasking the identities of the names of Donald Trump associates collected in foreign surveillance.

She implicitly acknowledged and explicitly defended unmasking (the revealing of names within the intelligence community of U.S. citizens gathered in foreign surveillance) by claiming: “It was not uncommon. It was necessary at times to make those requests.”

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 Bottom line the Obama regime spied on the Trump administration. This is a thousand times worse than Watergate!  Anything else is just a bunch of noise. 

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