Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Corrupt Media News Balckout: Washed Up Comedian Kathy Griffin Beheads Trump for Laughs

Since 4:30 am this morning New York Today has not done one update on this story that has gone viral on the internet. 
I don't expect the national Today Show to touch it either.  This is typical of the corrupt media and how easily they don't cover a story that makes Liberals look bad. 

GatewayPundit reports the only humor the left appreciates is violent, vulgar threats against Conservatives.

That isn’t humor. That’s fascism.

Far left comedian Kathy Griffin beheads Trump.
Via TMZ:

Kathy Griffin wants Donald Trump’s head … but she wants it bloody and detached from his body.
The comedian posed for the gory shot during a photo session with famed photog Tyler Shields, who’s known for edgy, shocking pics. We got the pic before the release.

More here 

Do you really think the media would ignore Barack Obama's severed head? 

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