Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hannity says liberal fascists after sponsors as New Fox News Mgt team don't know what they're doing

The new regime at Fox are a bunch of idiots who are leading the once most trusted name in news down the toilet! 
What kind of intelligence takes a winning formula and exchanges it to become more like their competitors?  No intelligence at all in my opinion.
AP News reports Sean Hannity says a media watchdog is guilty of “liberal fascism” for targeting advertisers on his Fox News Channel show, as one company announced Wednesday that it would no longer hawk its wares there.

The Chicago-based said that it had been “watching closely” and recently decided to suspend its backing of Hannity.

Hannity, the sole survivor from Fox’s once stable and powerful prime-time lineup, has been a strong backer of President Donald Trump and believes the president is under attack from media and opponents who want to destroy him. On Wednesday, Hannity said he would no longer talk about a discredited story involving a murdered Democratic National Committee chairman after speaking to the man’s family, and after Fox had earlier retracted an online story it had written about the case.

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