Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Limbaugh: Bill Maher 'demented' for Ivanka incest joke

Bill Maher is an asshole and he stopped being funny years ago.
  But, Liberals really don't have comedians who are funny.  They get laughs, but it's not base on humor.  It's all about southing their pain any way possible, including saying disgusting things about President Trump and Ivanka and deluding themselves into thinking it’s funny.   

Did you hear the comedian’s joke about incest between President Obama and his daughter? No?
Probably because there wasn’t one.
But that isn’t stopping “demented” personalities from making such outlandish comments about President Trump.

It was TV personality Bill Maher who recently made a sexually charged “joke” about Ivanka Trump and her father.

During an HBO segment, the Free Beacon reported, he said: “When he’s about to f—ing nuke Finland or something, she’s going to walk into the bedroom and, you know, ‘Daddy,” Maher said in a lilting voice, using his hand to mimic giving a handjob. ‘Daddy. Don’t do it, Daddy.'”

The Free Beacon said Maher’s “jab is the latest in a series of crude jokes from late-night satirists regarding Trump.’

“CBS host Stephen Colbert said last week that Trump’s mouth served as Vladimir Putin’s ‘c— holster,’ sparking criticism that his comment was vulgar and homophobic.”

And Maher’s antics put him squarely in the bull’s-eye of radio icon Rush Limbaugh, who blasted the TV host during his national broadcast on Monday.

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