Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Seattle's openly Gay mayor Ed Murray drops out of race amid sexual-abuse claims by four men

Here's the untold story the LBGT community doesn't want the general public to know.
  An extremely high percentage of homosexuals are victims of sexual abuse by older homosexuals.  This is how Gays are created instead of being born that way.  But, that honest conversation is never acknowledged.   

Washington Post reports Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on Tuesday dropped his reelection bid for a second term after four men claimed that he sexually abused them when they were teenagers, allegations vehemently denied by Murray as an anti-gay political conspiracy aimed at derailing his campaign.

Murray said for weeks after the allegations emerged that he would press on in his campaign for a second term but told reporters that he decided it was best for Seattle to end his campaign and not seek another term. He said he will serve out his term through the end of this year.

The 62-year-old Murray was elected in 2013 and successfully pushed to raise Seattle’s hourly minimum wage to $15.

Before winning the city’s top job he served for 18 years as a state lawmaker. He was the prime sponsor of Washington’s same-sex marriage law, spearheaded an effort to protect LGBT youths in public schools, and led the state’s push to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

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