Tuesday, June 27, 2017

CNN Fake News honcho Jeff Zucker: Viewers trust CNN ‘more than ever’, Okay, start laughing

Gimmie a break, Jeff! 
You're network is a pathetic joke that has seen it’s better day many, many, moons ago. 

NY Post reports CNN boss Jeff Zucker says despite Donald Trump’s war on the network and what the president says is “fake news,” he is certain that CNN maintains the trust of its viewers, as it extends into digital brands to attract a younger audience.

Speaking at Cannes Lions, he said, “CNN has been around for 37 years, our trustworthiness today is the same as it was a year ago, before people in high offices started questioning it. We know that through our own brand research. Just because somebody says you are not trustworthy, that doesn’t mean it is so … CNN’s brand equity is built over 37 years doing hard work in very dangerous places … those who rely on CNN trust CNN more than ever.”

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LOL! !!!  Jeff needs some time off. 

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