Saturday, July 8, 2017

Mayor De Blasio links GOP challenger Nicole Malliotakis to Trump, but how similar are they?

Mayor De Blasio's strategy is not to run against Nicole Maliotakis, but Donald Trump.  I think it's a loser because the campaign will be a referendum on Bill de Blasio. 
Miliotakis is well positioned to list all of his failures as mayor and how he has set this city on a collision course with the Bad Ole Days.  Tjis article is a nice summary on where Miliotakis stands on the issues.     

StatenIsland News reports Mayor Bill de Blasio is using this 2013 photo of his Republican opponent, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, with then-businessman Donald Trump to fundraiser for his campaign. Alongside them is Councilman Joe Borelli, an outspoken Trump supporter.
The photo was taken when Malliotakis, part of a group of elected officials and political leaders, attended a meeting in 2013 as Trump was considering a run for governor, speaking with him at length.

"With Donald Trump as president, it’s no surprise Nicole Malliotakis has emerged as the Republican candidate to take on Mayor de Blasio — after all, it was only four years ago she talked to Trump about running for Governor of New York," the campaign email read.

But just how close are the two and how much do they agree on policies?

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