Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Food stamp rolls plummet in states that restore work requirements

What do you know?  If you require people to sing for your supper, ie work for a living, they do.  Similarly if you pay people not to work (welfare), they'll sit on their asses and won't work.  
Fox News reports after the food stamp rolls swelled for years under the Obama administration, fresh figures show a dramatic reduction in states that recently have moved to restore work requirements.
States were allowed to waive those rules for able-bodied adults thanks to the 2009 economic stimulus. As the rules loosened and the economy sputtered out of the recession, food stamp enrollment soared to record levels – peaking at nearly 48 million nationwide in 2013.

But while that number has dipped gradually in recent years, some states have moved aggressively to push recipients who can work back into the job market and, in due time, off the program.
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