Friday, July 7, 2017

Funeral held for teen Bianca Roberson killed in Chester Co. Pa road rage shooting

This killing shocked the country!  I still don't understand road rage other than we need to stop calling it that.  It somehow lets us all shrug our shoulders and leave it at that. 
That's not good enough!   

6 ABC reports the brother of a young woman fatally shot by another motorist during an act of road rage in Pennsylvania says the family is grappling with the senselessness of her death.

Rodney Roberson Jr. spoke Friday at the funeral for 18-year-old BiancaRoberson. She was killed in a highway confrontation last week while still in her moving car.

More than 300 mourners attended the church service outside Philadelphia.
Wreaths of purple and white flowers dotted the church, and photographs of a smiling Bianca Roberson were never out of sight.

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