Monday, October 9, 2017

SHOCKER Christian Pro-Life Group Kicked Out of Seattle Coffee Shop by extremely vulgar Gay Owner who said "I’d "f" Christ in the a$$!"

What is the connection between a Gay owner of a coffee shop and a pro-life group? 
I don't see it, it's two different issues. That didn't stop the Gay owner of a coffee shop from being intolerant toward his customers.   
Free Beacon reports a Christian pro-life group was kicked out of a Seattle coffee shop by the owner, Ben Borgman, who told the group, "I'm gay, you have to leave."
The interaction between the owner of Bedlam Coffee and the pro-life group was captured on video by one of the Christian group's members, was posted to Facebook, and has since gone viral.
The abolitionist group stopped in at Borgman's shop after posting and handing out pro-life pamphlets in Seattle, the Washington Times reported.
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  1. denial of service based on religion, sue for civil rights violation.