Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Alinsky Tactics Exposed, Again: Black cadet admits to writing racial slurs outside Air Force Academy dorm room

Let this be another teachable moment of how Leftists operate. 
When these types of racial incidents occur, I immediately am suspicious because many times the culprits are Libs engaging in Saul Alinsky teachings of perpetrating the racial incidents themselves dishonestly sway public opinion against institutions they want to attack.  This sort of thing happened here in New York at Colombia University when an female African American professor said somebody hanged a noose outside her office.  Later it was revealed that she had done it herself.     
NY Post reports one of the black Air Force Academy cadets who claimed he was targeted by racial slurs scrawled outside his dorm room actually wrote the hateful messages himself, school officials said this week
Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria — whose passionate message to cadets at the Air Force Academy’s Preparatory School in Colorado went viral after five black cadets found the words “go home” and an accompanying racial slur outside their dorm in September — confirmed the finding and reiterated the need for inclusiveness at the academy outside Colorado Springs.
“Regardless of the circumstances under which those words were written, they were written, and that deserved to be addressed,” Silveria told the Colorado Springs Gazette in an email. “You can never overemphasize the need for a culture of dignity and respect — and those who don’t understand those concepts, aren’t welcome here.”
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Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria is wrong!  There wasn't a need to address this incident because the basis for it was false.  That's what needs to be addressed, the dishonesty, the manipulation, the besmirchment of his own institution by a racial incident that never happened.  He needs to make another public statement and condemn what that cadet did.    

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  1. Classic liberalism: Look, racism! Oh, it was a hoax? Well, that doesn't matter, the point is that it COULD have been racism.