Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Pedophile Bomb Explodes in Hollywood: Charlie Sheen accused of allegedly sodomizing Corey Haim during filming Lucas

Well, this is indeed a shocker! 
In the wake of Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual assaults that have gone on for years, Hollywood's pedophile problem has always been lurking for an even longer period of time.  
National Enquirer reports HIV-infected Charlie Sheen is finally being unmasked by The National ENQUIRER as a twisted child molester — the ruthless adult rapist who child star Corey Haim said sodomized him and pushed him down a drug-fueled path to an early grave!
What’s more, The ENQUIRER’s five-year probe into Haim’s tragic and untimely death at age 38 also unearthed other disturbing accounts of Sheen preying on more children connected to the 1986 film “Lucas” — when the predator, 19, sexually abused then 13-year-old Haim.
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