Thursday, February 1, 2018

300 blood pressure kiosks across the New York City, a scam by Bill de Blasio?

It sounds like a good idea for the interests of public health.  But, why should we not believe the government isn't grossly overpaying for these 300 kiosks
to pay back one of Mayor Bill de Blasio's donors?  Think about it! 

NY Post reports it’s easy to get your blood pressure up in New York — and now the city wants to measure how high in an effort to save your life.

The Health Department plans to install 300 self-measuring blood pressure kiosks across the five boroughs over the next three years, officials said Monday. 

Residents would be able to check their readings without cost and the data would be transmitted anonymously to the ­department for analysis. 

Officials estimate the full roll-out will cost $1.8 million.

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