Sunday, March 25, 2018

Cuomo Anti-Semitism: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo goes to black church, says Jews can’t dance

Talk about pandering to an audience. 
Andrew Cuomo knew exactly what he was saying.  He wanted to tap into the undercurrent of anti-Semitism that exits in the black community.   

Oy vey!

Gov. Cuomo on Sunday made fun of the “rhythm” of “our Jewish brothers and sisters” during a speech at a predominantly black church in Harlem.

Cuomo strayed onto the risky terrain of religious humor and stereotypes while thanking the congregation at Mount Neboh Baptist Church for the invitation to speak.

“I want you to know as a matter of full disclosure, I am a Catholic. Catholics basically believe the same teachings that Baptists believe,” he said. “We just do it without the rhythm. But we try. We are not as without rhythm as some of our Jewish brothers and sisters.”

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