Monday, April 16, 2018

Crooked Justice: Judge with Clinton ties Kimbra Wood won't let Trump attorney Cohen review seized files before the feds

How the Hell did Kimbra Wood get this case?   She should have rescued herself because Bill Clinton tried to appoint her as attorney general. 
The fix is definitely in.
Fox News reports a federal judge on Monday denied a request from President Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen to review the documents seized from the lawyer's home and office last week before prosecutors see them, dealing a setback to Trump's legal team.

U.S. District Judge Kimbra Wood said that she had faith in the Justice Department's so-called "taint team" to isolate materials protected by attorney-client privilege, but added that she would consider allowing a neutral third party requested by Cohen to weigh in.

Also Monday, attorneys confirmed that Fox News host Sean Hannity was the third individual who received Cohen's legal help.

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This is a crook!  There's no way the DOJ can be trusted in this matter.  What is this based on after all that has happened?

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