Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Double Standards of the Mueller Investigation

Presently the United States is a banana republic because we have a two tier justice system.
  Until people in government in the DOJ, the FBI, and Hillary Clinton are brought to justice, America is no better than the corrupt countries in Latin America.    

Victor Davis Hanson writes for National Review:

The more Mueller searches for hypothetical lawbreaking, the more he ignores the actual lawbreakers. 

The country is about to witness an investigatory train wreck.

In one direction, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation train is looking for any conceivable thing that President Donald Trump’s campaign team might have done wrong in 2016.
The oncoming train is slower but also larger. It involves congressional investigations, Department of Justice referrals, and inspector general’s reports — mostly focused on improper or illegal FBI and DOJ behavior during the 2016 election.

Why are the two now about to collide?

By charging former national-security adviser Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI, Mueller emphasized that even the appearance of false testimony is felonious behavior.

If that is so, then the DOJ will probably have to charge former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe with perjury or related offenses. A report from the Office of the Inspector General indicates that McCabe lied at least four times to federal investigators.

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