Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Botox Pelosi Confident She'll Be Speaker Again, Okay Start Laughing

I think the conventional wisdom of a blue wave coming this Fall is vastly overblown. 
The same prognosticators that predicted a Hillary win might be in for another big letdown.  
Boston Globe reports Nancy Pelosi wants you to know she’s not going anywhere. 

Despite grumblings from some Democrats and dismal approval ratings, the House minority leader aims to keep an iron grip on her leadership role, saying in an interview Tuesday that she fully intends to lead House Democrats if they recapture control of the chamber in November, as many prognosticators believe is likely.

 “We will win. I will run for speaker. I feel confident about it. And my members do, too,” Pelosi told a meeting of Globe reporters and editors. She was in Boston for a Democratic fund-raiser hosted by Representative Katherine Clark.

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