Monday, June 25, 2018

Sandy Alderson is destroying the Mets and must be stopped

The one man that is responsible for the pathetic mess the Mets are in is GM Sandy Alderson. 
He's the architect of the team.  He's the guy who hired in over his head Mickey Callaway.  He is the guy who has overseen a dismal minor league system that has failed to produce multiple impact position players in eight years.  Sandy is a joke! 

Mike Vaccaro of the NY Post writes:    
The Mets want you to believe they have a handle on all of this. The Mets want you to believe they are adequate traffic cops directing all the baseball chaos that continues to befall and befuddle them, that they aren’t the abject joke of malpractice and incompetence they seem to be to the naked eye.

They want to sell you on that. So badly.

And then, on Sunday afternoon, the team reported to Citi Field having no idea who the starting pitcher was. This was not due to some outside-the-box thinking on motivating players, or going old-school, back to when a pitcher would learn he was starting that day because the manager had placed a baseball in his spikes.

No. This happened because Jason Vargas hurt himself jogging on Wednesday in Denver. The Mets knew that, though it didn’t seem bad enough at first to warrant a DL stint. That didn’t happen until Saturday. That was unfortunate timing for the Mets (and less fortunate for the Dodgers, deprived of taking aim at his 8.60 ERA).

The Mets would not be the first team in the history of baseball to warrant an emergency starter. Yes, it is a longtime failure that the Triple-A team is in Las Vegas and thus it makes for some difficulty in travel arrangements. But the Double-A team is in Binghamton. That’s a three-hour drive, tops. Someone could easily have been summoned.
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