Sunday, June 10, 2018

Teacher John Kluge booted after refusing to call transgender student by preferred name

This situation could lead to a Supreme court case if John Kluge wants to take it that far. 
The psychiatric community I believe have sold out to political correctness by refusing to call tramsgenderism a sickness that needs treatment.  Fifty percent of transgenders commit suicide.     
NY Daily News reports a former high school teacher claims he was asked to resign after he refused to address a transgender student by their preferred name, citing his Christian beliefs.
John Kluge, who taught orchestra at Brownsburg High School in Indiana for four years, failed to abide by a rule stating that teachers must call transgender students by their preferred names instead of their given names.
Kluge thought he had sidestepped the issue by striking a deal with administrators that allowed him to call all students by their last names, according to NBC-affiliate WTHR.
“To call them according to a name that makes a claim that they are the opposite sex than what God has declared that they are from birth would go against my Christian believes,” Kluge told WTHR.

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