Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Making Penn less White: Penn State hires first ever admin to oversee alumni, donor diversity

This to me looks like a "feel good" and PR position for work that's already being done by the admissions department. 
In reality the Libs who run Penn want to make the school less White.  
Campus Reform reports Pennsylvania State University recently announced the hiring of its first-ever "director of diversity, equity, and inclusion” for the Division of Development and Alumni Relations.

Effective May 1, Professor Charleon Jeffries will begin her tenure as the first to hold the position that Penn State calls “one of the first of its kind among Big Ten universities.”

According to the university, “Jeffries will collaborate with various leaders internal to the division; University leadership; and external constituencies” in order to “develop strategies for recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce," “prepare employees to better understand and leverage the benefits of diverse cultural groups," “extend the division’s efforts to create a welcome and inclusive workplace culture," and “develop strategies to engage diverse networks of Penn State alumni and friends.”

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