Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Liberals won’t admit Trump was right about migrant caravans

The mainstream media is going overboard accusing President Trump of lying when he says MS-13 and Middle easterners have infiltrated the 7,000 thousand member caravan heading toward our southern border. 
The truth is the media is not trying to confirm or disprove the story either way.      

Michael Goodwin  writing for the New York Post

On the theory that you can judge a president by his critics, Donald Trump must be hitting the bull’s-eye with his warnings about the ­migrants vowing to smash through our border. We know this because the usual suspects — The New York Times and CNN, among ­others — are accusing Trump of making much ado about next to ­nothing.

“Trump Escalates Use of ­Migrants as Election Ploy,” the Times insisted on Page One Tuesday. ­Inside it wrote of “baseless claims” and said he used “race to stoke fears.”

The blatant opinions in the news pages presented a challenge to the paper’s actual editorial page, but it proved itself equal to the partisan moment. It ratcheted its metaphor machine up to “screech” to accuse the president of “Lyin’ Up a Storm” and “dialing up the demagoguery.”

Long gone are the days when readers could expect even a pretense of fairness from the Gray Lady. But the bias, fused with an ­intentional blind eye regarding the origins, growing size and militancy of the caravan, is beyond the pale.

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