Saturday, November 10, 2018

Media Lies: Reports of Trump ending Mueller probe is more Fake News from mainstream media

Since the resignation of AG Jeff Sessions the media has been on a daily drum beat about Trump ending the Mueller probe. 

What we are seeing is speculation not journalism.

The mainstream media has offered no evidence for their claims.  But, isn't funny how they are quick to accuse others of offering no evidence as a means to discredit stories they don't like? 

The simple truth is President Trump benefits politically from the Mueller probe because there is nothing to it.  There wasn't any collusion between him and the Russians.  What did happen was members of the DOJ were involved in provable corruption to oust a sitting president.  What did happen was Hillary Clinton was allowed to escape prosecution for breaking federal laws by corrupt DOJers like James Comey and others. 

President Trump has the evidence to prove what really happened.  Robert Mueller has no evidence of anything he was hired to uncover.  And the media only has talking point and wishful thinking.   

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