Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Trump: Dems Will Return US to 'Economic Abyss

Democrats like Barack Obama didn't want a booming economy because it goes against their Liberal ideology.
  They want big government and people dependent on it to be at the center of life.  They result is malaise and misery which was what eight years of Obama had to offer.    

NewsMax reports President Donald Trump touted some of his accomplishments regarding the economy and other topics in a new opinion piece published ahead of Tuesday's midterm elections.

Writing for Fox News, Trump talked about the strong jobs situation, the Republican Party's tax cuts that were signed into law last Christmas, and the slashing of regulations that his administration has focused on.

"For many Americans, the Great Recession brought dark days we will never forget — and never want to repeat. It wasn't long ago that economists told us sluggish growth and flat wages were here to stay," Trump wrote.

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