Sunday, December 23, 2018

Trump: ‘Obama ingloriously fired Jim Mattis, I gave him a second chance’

Gen. Mattis owes Trump for the opportunity to become defense secretary. 
He did a great job and accomplished a clearly defined mission of defeating ISIS and bringing the troops home.  As commander-in-chief, It's Trump prerogative to decide when enough is enough.  
AOL News reports President Trump on Saturday jabbed at outgoing Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, saying he gave him a “second chance.”

“When President Obama ingloriously fired Jim Mattis, I gave him a second chance,” 

Trump tweeted. “Some thought I shouldn’t, I thought I should. Interesting relationship-but I also gave all of the resources that he never really had. Allies are very important-but not when they take advantage of U.S.”

Politico notes: “Former President Barack Obama fired Mattis as head of U.S. Central Command in 2013 in large part because of Mattis’ increasingly hawkish posture toward Iran.”

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