Saturday, December 29, 2018

What Mainstream Media Doesn't Report: Treasury Collected $21.6 Billion in Taxes on First Business Day of 'Shutdown'

That's almost a billion dollars of taxes collected every hour in taxes. 
And Democrats think $5B is too much for a border wall?
CNS News reports as reported in Table IV of the Daily Treasury Statement, the U.S. Treasury collected approximately $21.672 billion in taxes on Christmas Eve, the first business day of the partial federal “shutdown” that began at midnight last Friday.

Those Christmas Eve tax collections brought total federal tax revenues for fiscal 2019, which began on Oct. 1, to approximately $666.482 billion.

On Friday, Dec. 21, the last day before the partial government shutdown, the Treasury collected approximately $10.876 billion in tax revenues, according to the Treasury statement for that day. That brought total tax collections for fiscal 2019 to approximately $644.811 billion--at the beginning of the partial shutdown.

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