Monday, January 7, 2019

Fake News on Steroids: Trump has made over 7,000 phony or misleading claims in office: bogus report by anonymous Liberals

I usually don't link to garbage stories.  But, I take exception in this case because allegedly a report says Trump made 7,000 false or misleading statements. 
Who did the report?  The story doesn't identify the authors.  That really sounds credible, huh?  The mainstream media is extremely nervous because Trump operates above their heads.  He wins the message war hands down.
NY Post reports President Trump’s bogus claim that former presidents have endorsed his idea for a wall along the southern US border highlights the more than 7,600 false or misleading statements he has made since he stepped into the Oval Office, a report said Monday.

Trump made the phony wall claim during an extensive briefing in the White House Rose Garden on Friday — claiming that “some” former presidents have told him a wall should have already been built on their watch.

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