Monday, January 21, 2019

White teens taunting Native American a Hoax: Covington Catholic High School students smeared by mainstream media lies -- Don't expect an apology

Like I wrote yesterday in this blog, I make it a practice not to do video posts because all context is lost. 
We never see what happened before or after a video makes the news.  So, it easy for the mainstream media to spin whatever narrative they want according to their agenda goals.   Less than 24 hours later after writing the post the whole story of what really happened has come to light.     

Todd Starnes, Fox News

Fox News reports the young men of Covington Catholic High School have been subjected to nothing short of a political inquisition because of their faith, the color of their skin and their devotion to making America great again. And they are owed an apology.

What CNN, The New York Times, the Washington Post and National Review (among others) did to these teenage boys is simply outrageous.

The boys had been in Washington to participate in Friday’s March For Life. Later in the day, they assembled outside the Lincoln Memorial to wait for school buses. And that’s where the trouble started.

According to the mainstream media, the boys surrounded and terrorized Native American activist Nathan Phillips. A video clip showed what the media described as a teenage boy wearing a MAGA hat blocking Phillips and staring him down.

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