Sunday, February 17, 2019

Charges on Jussie Pending: Jussie Smollett case to reportedly go before a grand jury

There once was a NY judge who famously said a district attorney at grand jury can get an indictment on a ham sandwich. 
Translation?  All a DA needs is to present a bare minimum of evidence to get the grand jury to say a crime was committed by Jussie Smollett  when a told a big lie to the police.     
NY Post reports the Jussie Smollett case will go before a grand jury early next week, according to a new report.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that a panel will hear the case, but the outlet didn’t elaborate on who is facing charges — or what they might be.

The “Empire” star told cops he was assaulted in Chicago on Jan. 29 by two men spewing racist and homophobic slurs at him — but his story has since come under fire as sources have alleged to news outlets that he actually paid some pals to stage the whole thing.
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