Sunday, March 10, 2019

Trump backstabber GOP Rep. Liz Cheney stabs Trump in the back blasts Trump plan to charge allies a premium on U.S. troops

Liz Cheney has just entered my official shit list in record time. 
The American taxpayers have endured the cost of  protection for our allies for decades and our allies have gotten rich without incurring any cost for it.  It's time for the children to leave the house and act like adults and pay us for the protection!  What the hell is Liz Cheney talking about?  
AOL News reports Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), the third-ranking House Republican, on Sunday criticized President Donald Trump’s reported plan to force U.S. allies to pay billions of dollars more for hosting American troops on their soil.

Under a new formula devised by the president, allies such as Japan and South Korea would potentially pay Washington the full cost of stationing U.S. troops in their territory, plus an additional 50 percent.

The formula, which Trump has dubbed “cost plus 50,” could cause affected countries to contribute five times what they currently do, according to The Washington Post.

Cheney told NBC’s “Meet The Press” that the impact of this plan would be “absolutely devastating” to U.S. diplomacy.
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  1. What Trump wants sounds good to me. Cost plus 50% is just the start to negotiations. If he gets Cost plus 10% or even Cost, it's a win for us.

    Now, if only we could charge them for past protection. Ha. That would be golden.

  2. Xactly Mr. Beano! "The Art of the Deal"! Besides that, cost plus, may or may not be enough when the shooting starts or when medical costs accelerate, as the years of treatment go by and the ages of wounded vets go up. Moreover, VA space, and care givers, may only be purchased, built, or trained at premium prices! Lets get it all on the actuarial table NOW, and quit undermining the CiC' negotiations at the expence of Veterans care! Besides, last I heard old foggy bottom has had much of their wasteful spenders reassigned to where they can't do the damage that they used to! Cut in the suction pumps and recommence draining that SWAMP! Next Stop Turtle Bay!
    On Watch~~~