Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Lindsey Graham has a warning for Democrats who want to call witnesses at Trump's impeachment trial


This impeachment is a colossal waste of time.   But, the Dems want to waste it because they have nothing to offer the American people and the horrible way they govern.   

AOL News reports on Monday’s Fox News Primetime, Senator Lindsey Graham discussed the upcoming impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. Trump was impeached for his alleged involvement in the riot at Capitol Hill on Jan. 6th. Graham believes the upcoming trial is unnecessary and strongly opposes witnesses being brought forth to testify.

“To my Democratic colleagues,” warned Graham, “if you vote to call one witness... get ready for a long trial. I think we know what happened that day. But if you open up that can of worms, we’ll want the FBI to come in and tell us how people actually pre-planned these attacks and what happened with the security footprint at the Capitol.”

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  1. There’s nothing tougher than a Republican when they are in the minority.

  2. Lindsey, if you have something, tell us now.

    The thing is, I know you have something, but getting the FBI to tell the truth is an empty threat. They are part of the Bureaucrat-Democrat Axis.

  3. IMHO we should have the FBI, State Police, Capital Hill Police, and even the SGT at Arms testify anyways. It needs to be on the record that this was a planned, staged event. It needs to be on the record that the SGT at Arms went to Pelosi's Office (his chain of command) requesting assistance and was ignored. we need to know why whoever he talked to ignored him. We need to know how much of this was coordinated on FB and tweets and why those companies are not deplatformed.
    Sorry Lyndsay, but your threat should have been made when the House was pushing this through. Now that the ball is in your court, its time time to spike it hard.

  4. Lindsey, you're bull squeeze is no longer selling.

    All talk and no action.

    I'm sick of his schtick. Chairman of the Judiciary Committee for 2019, Graham said "that under his leadership, the committee plans to probe allegations of government surveillance abuse amid ongoing concerns over FBI and Justice Department efforts to surveil Trump campaign advisers during the 2016 race."

    Results? Continued coverup of the facts. Nothing, nada, zilch came of investigations. Great example of our now two-tiered system of justice, one for the dems/politically connected, and a much harsher one for everyone else.

    Send NO MONEY to the RNC ever again.