Sunday, April 28, 2019

Barr spars with Nadler, threatens to skip testimony after dispute over hearing format

If I were AG Barr I would tell Jerry Nadler to go pound sand.
  35 million taxpayer's dollars have been spent on the Mueller probe and the result was no Trump Russian collusion, no obstruction of justice.  Game over!  Jerry Nadler needs to find something more useful for a living.

Fox News reports Attorney General Bill Barr will be a no-show at a long-awaited hearing on Thursday before the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee based on current negotiations over his appearance, a source on the committee told Fox News on Sunday.

The emerging spat comes after Barr has endured withering attacks from congressional Democrats, who have outright accused him of sacrificing his integrity to appease President Trump. Barr shepherded the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report in recent weeks, and he has largely become a punching bag for progressives frustrated that Mueller's probe found no evidence to back up claims that the Trump team colluded with Russians.

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