Saturday, May 11, 2019

Bryant 'Corky' Messner: Millennials are far more conservative than Democrats realize -- Here's why

This caught eye and it really made me think.   If the writer of this opinion piece observations are true and Millenials aren't the Leftist monolith the media makes them out to be, then the Dems are in worse shape than I previously thought.   

As I watch all the progressive, socialist candidates running for president here in New Hampshire, I can’t help but notice how much millennials have been underestimated and wrongfully maligned.
Progressives suggest that millennials can’t or won’t pay their student loans, that they believe they should be provided free health care, that they believe they should be paid even if they don’t want to work, that they are socialists, that they desire to be taken care of by a nanny state government, and that they are not motivated to excel and achieve.
That has not been my experience — not even close. As the founder and managing partner of a large law firm, I have the privilege of working with millennials daily in various professional capacities — attorneys, clients, business people, entrepreneurs, and staff.
As a West Point graduate and veteran who now serves as chairman of the Army West Point Athletic Association, I also have the honor of meeting and working regularly with West Point cadets, graduates, and staff.  Millennials have demonstrated to me, in all aspects of business and daily life that they are a special group: they are honest, ambitious, hardworking, dedicated, entrepreneurial, bright, responsible, caring, patriotic, respectful, and compassionate.
They have character, integrity, and care about making America a better place for all and endeavor to do so through a belief in a free economy. The millennials I know embrace the fundamental decency of America and reject the left’s dark propaganda.
The media would have you believe that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is the leader of the millennial demographic. She is not.

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