Monday, May 6, 2019

Dems acting like Banana Republicans: Imprisoning AG Barr becomes new rallying cry as Dems reel from Mueller report's release

To show that the Dems need to be taken lightly, one of them, Rep. Steve Cohen (see below), shows up to a House hearing waving a chicken leg in the faces of two African American women. 
Where's the racial sensitivity?  How doesn't Rep. Cohen not catch Hell for being racially insensitive?
Fox News reports the battle between congressional Democrats and the Justice Department over Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report has reached new levels of vitriol, as some on the left call for Attorney General Bill Barr to be physically dragged in to testify or even locked up for defying congressional subpoenas.
The demands have escalated after the attorney general refused to appear before the House Judiciary Committee last week amid disagreements over the format of the hearing.
Though he testified a day earlier on the Senate side, Democrats on the committee still want to bring in the DOJ leader to answer questions on the conclusion of Mueller's investigation. Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., also imposed a Monday morning deadline for Barr to turn over the full, unredacted Mueller report and additional files -- a deadline the DOJ apparently missed, prompting Nadler to schedule a Wednesday vote on contempt proceedings against Barr.

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  1. i thought using fried chicken in this manner was racccciiiiiiissssssttttttt.

    mueller....nzo collusion, insufficent evidence for obstruction
    several investigations, no collusion
    barr...the evidence is, no collusion, no obstruction

    now the left wants mueller to testify directly, and trump, playing 4D chess, has opposed that.
    so the left immediatly jumps on "we have him now cause mueller is going to blow the whistle in front of congress and the world". if mueller changes his story, he either lied in his report, or he lied to congress, so he won't change his story.

    i can't wait to see how the left reacts to mueller telling them "no collusion, no evidence which rises to a chargable offence of obstruction"......again.