Saturday, May 18, 2019

Life under Democrat Govt: California homelessness is so out of control, people are turning to boats – Dems are clueless

Why vote for a Democrats for president? 
I can't see a practical reason for it when it's very easy to point to real life examples where they fail.  In San Francisco there's high crime and mounds of human feces on every street corner.  Detroit went bankrupt.  New York has become a homeless camp under Bill de Blasio's leadership.  Here's more proof on how Democrats are destroying California.   

Jim Breslo writes for Fox News

California is the country’s wealthiest and most highly taxed state, but its politicians have utterly failed to tackle the state’s most basic problem: homelessness. Estimates place California's homeless population at close to 130,000. To grasp the magnitude of that figure, imagine the entire population of New Haven, Connecticut or Charleston, South Carolina living on the streets.

Much has been written about the problems of feces on San Francisco’s streets and needles on the streets in downtown Los Angeles. But the problem has expanded far beyond those cities. It has now reached virtually all parts of the state, including, according to reports, the state’s water.

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