Monday, May 13, 2019

The woman who screwed up Brexit POLL: Theresa May headed for historic defeat...

Theresa May needs to be kicked out of office because she's not doing enough to get Brexit done.
  She's a weak leader.
Daily Mail reports the Brexit Party will earn more votes than Labour and the Conservatives combined in the European Parliament elections, and could even beat the Tories in a General election, two extraordinary polls revealed this morning.

In an Opinium poll in the Observer, focused on this month's European elections, Nigel Farage's new party is predicted to hoover up 34 per cent of the vote. The same poll gave Labour 21 per cent and put the Tories in a miserable fourth place with 11 per cent

But an even more extraordinary poll, commissioned by a Brexit Party donor and published in the Sunday Telegraph, said for the first time the Brexit Party would beat the Tories in a General Election.

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