Sunday, May 5, 2019

Trump planning to impose new sanctions against Iran

If you're a regular reader of this blog, and you really should be if you want to be well informed, the United States has a lot of unfinished business with Iran. 
It's the one country in the world that deserves a military thrashing by the United States.  They haven't paid a enough of a price, in my opinion, for holding American hostages for 444 days,  And they haven't paid a price for holding our sailors at gun point during the Obama regime.  We owe them plenty! 

NY Post reports the Trump administration is planning on imposing a new wave of sanctions on Iran within the coming week, Axios reported Sunday.

It’s unclear what sector of the Iranian economy the penalties will target, though it won’t be the energy sector, two senior administration officials told the Web site, speaking anonymously.

The administration will likely announce the sanctions on Wednesday, the one year anniversary of President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, according to the report.

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