Saturday, May 25, 2019

What we already knew: CNN now the 'hate Trump' network, ex-contributors say: Network 'openly despises conservatives'

Don Lemon, a Moron

I think if it wasn't for CNN being shown at airports, their ratings would be in the negative numbers. 
It's a waste of time watching that channel and millions of people seem to have the same opinion.  CNN is not a news organization.  It's a public relations outlet for the Democrat Party and The Swamp.  Intelligent people who taken the red pill know this.  The dullards who haven't and watch CNN in small numbers are still in the dark.   

Fox News reports several conservative commentators who were previously employed by CNN are now speaking out against the network, claiming its current identity is "anti-Trump" instead of neutral, as it claims to be. One claims the network "openly despises conservatives.

"Most of us got squeezed out involuntarily,” Jack Kingston, a former Georgia congressman who appeared on the network, told Mediaite. “I was there for two years and was certainly willing to continue. It was clear to me in the end that the Republicans they prefer are anti-Trump Republicans.”

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  1. What else would one expect from the tribe???